Stuff from Small Various Notebooks Found Lying Around the House in 2009

Qualities of a person in one feature 

Primness = a woman in a denim shirt buttoned to the top.

Social Imagination

Q: Who is Jesus saving us from?
A: Ourselves

A Mormon can't be Batman because justice is the Lord's

The larger a person's wedding ring, the less I trust them.

The easier the better, that's not right.

Love + Mechanical Heart

The path of least resistance makes rivers and men crooked

I don't know—it was Buick colored

Free Marketry — Flea Marketry

The Devil can quote scripture

The Wired Caste

A hotel chambermaid discovers a man in his room weeping. He has wronged his family somehow.

"new age suicide" 11 pages of articles on recent surge of suicide cults from

The Logic of Practice by Pierre Bourdieu Objectivism Habitus

20" 7lbs 14 oz
3:16 4/23

Trailers = studio apartment

An old man who is trying to outlive his 99 year sentence. Structure the story backwards.

50 year-old 275 lbs wearing a homemade t-shirt, saying "this one's been battle tested."

Is he still interested in the world? I still am but not as much as when I was a baby.

Talks out of the corners of his mouth, adds extra syllables.

New kid heist; old guys rounded up and pumped for information.

Around the Corner

I'm the kind of dad who will let her be with the cat.

Reconciling your checkbook with your eyes closed

Give me Hell(p)

I think I've got attitude sickness.

These are the dimensions of the box they don't want you to think outside of.

Should teachers edit?
What are the implications of teachers editing or not editing?


The Uncle Ben Effect: awaiting the power that comes with responsibility.

Sincerity, Truth, and Design -- a motto for something