IDEO Storytelling for Influence Course

Recently, because I'm teaching so much online, I took IDEO's Storytelling for Jnfluence course. I wanted to get a feel for what it was like to be a student and to have to work on a project in this environment. It was an interesting experience. I have lots of notes on that, but here's the final project, an audio story of sorts

Going through the process was amazing and enlightening. I'm really fond of the medium and getting the chance to mess around with it was an absolute blast. I'm planning to do more of that soon.

The parameters for the IDEO course were to tell a story and build it using their design-thinking approach. I really like how they set up the challenges that led to this story. The big idea at the core of this story is how important is it for college professors to learn to disappear, strategically, at just the right moment. I talk a little about this idea, include a story about one of my professors, talk about Gandalf, then I brought in a chorus of my own former students to talk about how my shenanigans struck them then and now.