This weekend we had a freak snow storm. The Ute Indians call it a daweena: the last snow of the season. It started raining pretty heavily about 9:30 on Saturday night, complete with thunder and lightning. I got up around 2:30 to go to the bathroom and noticed that the power was off. I checked again at around 5:30. Still no power. At this point I went to the window and checked on the situation. Snow everywhere.

This is when I heard the first pop. It was like .22 gunfire. I looked out the window and a huge branch dropped in a swirl of snow crystals. A few minutes later this happened again. Then again.

I got dressed and went outside. The whole place was divested. I got our fruit picker and shook as much snow out of the trees as I could, but I couldn't save the branches that were twenty-forty feet up.

By the next day, the snow was mostly gone, and the streets were full of green debris.

All politics aside, this doesn't seem like normal weather to me.