Lists and Lists

It's the time of lists (end of a year, end of a decade). I spent a really interesting forty minutes or so today being interview by Lisa Carricaburu from the Salt Lake Tribune about the last decade in Utah, outlining the cultural shifts that have brought the state to the place it is right now. What place it that? Who knows, but it's definitely a different place now than many people are used to—what, the LDS church supports anti-discrimination legislation for sexual orientation? I've actually been getting kind of sick of the lists, in many cases because they are depressing, but especially when they are outlining all the great books I don't have the time to read because I am raising children and teaching English courses at a university.

(I do see the irony in this. Don't even start.)

But today I found a best books list that was really interesting. It's from the most excellent literary review website The Second Pass. They propose a list of the books people will likely be reading a hundred years from now.

Some of the books from the 2110 List that have really caught my fancy.

This list really put some new stuff in my face, and made me want to settle in and turn off the Battlestar Galactica and disappear into some pages. I think there are some good mentions of things well off the beaten path and some writers you might expect as well. Lydia Millet's comedy on the Manhattan Project seems like a pretty great next purchase for me.

Check it out. The 2110 Club List at The Second Pass.

They also have a DIY list here. Throw your hat into the ring, eh.