To Do List: Making it Public

My friend Scott Rogers faithfully publishes a to do list at the end of every semester, which he makes public, and for good reason. Every time I read it, I feel more compelled to push forward on my own projects.

To finish out the semester, I need to:

  1. Read 2020-01 Portfolios
  2. Read 2020-02 Portfolios
  3. Update 1010 Figurator™
  4. Draft 3030 Acceptance Letter
  5. Send 3030 Acceptance E-mail
  6. Follow up on Illustrations for Bullhorn
  7. Read 4000-level Playwriting Assessment Submissions
  8. Notify 2020 Students Who Need Final Conference
  9. Enter Grades for 2020 Courses
  10. Enter Grades for 3030 Course
  11. Grade 1010 Final Essays
  12. Enter 1010 Final Grades
  13. Work on 3030 Magazine Template
  14. Go to Honors Final Screening

That should just about do it.