What is This So-Called "Syllabus" You're Talking About?

A few years ago, my wife found a bunch of silk screens on an eBay auction, and we bought them because I really like to silk screen (had a bad job once, where I learned the basics of the trade), and we thought we could do some cool stuff. The printmaking professor at my university has given me access to the lab, so I can prep the screens and expose them and do all that stuff.

I'm waiting until there is enough time for me to work on some things I've been really hankering to get into, projects that have been on my mind literally for a dozen years, or more.

Despite the fact that I have the stuff and access to even more stuff, I haven't been able to get myself in gear to work on any of those projects, except for now I think I'm close. I think I have the motivation I'm going to need to break out the screens, print a transparency, buy some Hanes Beefy-"T"s, and get busy.

Syllabus Shirt

My students have been driving me crazy with questions I have painstakingly answered on the syllabus in detail, sometimes excruciating detail. They'll come right up to my face and ask about a due date, or the percentage of the total grade they've just botched with their last essay. I'll tell them that it's on the syllabus, but they'll still ask. They will stare me in the face, as if to say, "I don't have a copy of that with me, and plus, I'm not going to read it anyway. Why don't you just tell me?"

So I'm going to make a half dozen of the following t-shirts, so I'll always have a clean one. It's going to become part of my teaching uniform.

Who knows. I might be able to sell a few on the internet and whittle down some of my student loans.