I Can Eat Fifty Eggs

A while ago a buddy of mine upgraded my classroom policies to reflect a little more of the vigor he assumes I bring to my classes. He might be right.


By the way, I think a few modifications, Cool Hand Luke style might be in order for some of your policies.


  1. I only accept university-excused absences.
  2. If you're unreasonably late, that's a night in the box.
  3. If it's clear to me that you're not prepared, that's a night in the box.
  4. If you fool around in class, that's a night in the box.
  5. Each absence after the first three will take two percentage points off your final grade, and a night in the box.
  6. Nine absences will equal an F in the course, and a night in the box.
  7. If you have perfect attendance, I'll round up a borderline grade.
  8. I won't grade late work unless we've made previous arrangements.
  9. Ten or more typos in any one typed assignment will get you an F on that assignment, and a night in the box.
  10. I won't read messy, disorganized, or neglectful work.

Given the current state of affairs I might have to implement these policies changes soon.