New Look

I've had a little time while I'm waiting for a neighbor to come over and help me assess how to hook up this gas dryer I bought nearly a month ago, so I fiddled a little with my blog stylesheet and put on an image I've been working with for months.

That makes everything sound really planned out, which it really hasn't been.

What did happen is this: I was having a long conversation in the parking lot of a record shop with some old guys who were bitching about how there's no good bakery in Cedar City. I turned and noticed this one light in the parking lot of the local beauty college, and I said to myself, "That's the banner image for I've bought the url, now I need to do something real with it."

So I went back and shot the picture with my Canon G5 on a tripod, and the rest is history.

My huge audience can rest assured that I'll be back in action a little more lately, since I'm aching for any excuse in the world to not grade essays. Who knows how long I'll be up and rolling because the good news around here is "no comp for at least a year." I've been dreaming for this.

There is a god.