A Nice Surprise Indeed

Last night Alisa and Zoë and I headed down to Springdale, Utah, which is right at the gateway to Zion National Park. I was invited to give a fiction reading sponsored by a local arts organization.

It was a fun adventure, a free room, a little paid gig, a new audience. So, we packed up the Jeep and headed out of town. Just as we did, the sky opened up and we were almost immediately driving in blizzard conditions.

The drive went well (everything turned to rain), and the reading went well. I slept really well—woke up two hours later than normal. But when we pulled open the drapes in the motel window, we saw that it had snowed overnight, and that it was still falling.

Official climate data for Zion National Park goes back to 1928, and the average snowfall for that part of the world in February is 1.8 inches with no real accumulation to speak of (remember summer temperatures average about 100 degrees). Well, it accumulated today.

Take a look.

Zions Snow

Zions Snow II

Zion Tree

It was simply spellbinding. Once again Alisa and I found ourselves asking ourselves how we got so lucky.