John Taylor as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch

I've been working on a pattern here with the Super Friends Initiative. This week I've got 75% of the Fantastic Four in place, all of them scientists with attitude. Dr. Taylor has been killing it in the public sphere lately with general education, so I thought it would work to light this guy on fire.

Taylor's eternal youthfulness, the lack of hair on the Human Torch, and the complexion change, all made for a particular challenge on this one. I'm sure the big question now is who will be Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman.

SUU Finance VP Marvin Dodge as Hawkeye

After doing superhero portraits of SUU President Scott Wyatt and Provost Brad Cook, President Wyatt requested that I do one of our new finance VP, Marvin Dodge. At the time I didn't know Marvin really well, and I like to have a good sense of the people so I can pick a suitable hero. One day I noticed Marvin having lunch on campus by himself, so I just sat down and struck up a conversation with him. I'm sure he thought it was a little strange. I small talked him until the idea for Hawkeye clicked. I thought about doing him David Aja style, but I ended up going with the Avengers movie version of the costume, since I'm more sure that Marvin is aware of that one.

Dodge (1).jpg

In any case, what's more perfect hero for a CFO than hero with impeccable aim?

President Wyatt said he's going to print all three pictures and hang them in the President's office suite on campus. Boom!